Springfield Public Schools
Return To School Selection

Selection of Student Plan for Returning to School

The purpose of this survey is for parents/guardians to inform their student’s school of whether their student will return to school in-person when the situation permits (see below). One survey must be completed for EACH student in the Springfield Public Schools. The responses given in this survey cannot be changed for the remainder of this school year (through the last day of school in June). Please do not complete this survey until you are certain of your decision.

Why do I have to complete this survey now?

If the situation with the COVID19 pandemic in the city of Springfield allows it, students will be returning to school in-person at least two or three days per week starting in March, April, or May (they will continue learning remotely on days they are not at school in-person). Specific groups of students and grade levels will return to school on different dates. The tentative dates for returning to school by grade level can be found on our website at: www.springfieldpublicschools.com.

All students have the option to continue to participate in school fully remotely or return to school some days per week. On this survey you will be asked if your student will return to school when it is permitted or whether they will continue to learn from home five days per week. We will also ask about whether you will bring your student to school or access Springfield Public Schools transportation (if you are not within walking distance of your student’s school).

As stated above, the responses given on this survey cannot be changed for the remainder of this school year and you should only submit this survey when you are certain of your decision. If you do not understand the information or questions contained in this form, please contact your student’s school.

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